Dr Zen Zen

Non Alcoholic Riesling

SKU: NA002


750ML · 0%ABV


Non Alcoholic Wine.

If you love wine, but want to give the alcohol a miss, here you have an alternative with only one-third of calories compared to a wine containing alcohol.

Selected wines are de-alcoholized to the highest technical standard in a particularly gentle process.  

This classic non-alcoholic wine hails from the Interantionally reknowned Rhienhessen region of Germany. Dr. Zenzen Dethscher Riesling is semi-dry, boasting a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It has hints of lemon, ripe peaches and soft vanilla 

Alcohol Content:  Less than 0.5%

21 calories (88 kJ) & 4.8 carbs per 100 ml 

Residual Sugar 4.3 g/100 ml. / Fat-free

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