Raw Vine Estate

Organic Preservative Free Sparkling Blanc de Blancs

SKU: OW011


750ml · 13.5%ABV


Organic, Preservative Free, Natural, Vegan Wines.

One thing that really sets Raw Vine Estate apart from other producers is that the entire range is Organic, Preservative Free and Vegan so consumers can have complete confidence when they choose a wine from Raw Vine Estate that there are no added sulphites, animal products used in the fining or vinification process and that the grapes have been grown without the use of harsh pesticides.

Labelling on wine bottles can be confusing and there are many Organic wines on the market which have sulphites added during harvesting or vinification and we have found that consumers regularly assume that because the wine is organic it automatically does not have sulphites added.

Our customers regularly complain of experiencing a variety of negative side effects when they drink wine with added sulphites so with Raw Vine Estate you can enjoy your wine without having to worry.

The founder of the Raw Vine Estate brand is one of the first to develop the concept of Organic, Preservative Free, Vegan wine in the Australian market and the Raw Vine Estate brand is the culmination of over 10 years experiencing in producing Australia’s finest natural wines.

This is a non-vintage Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine is made with both traditional and non-traditional sparkling wine grape varietals. Chardonnay gives us the traditional green apple and stonefruit aromatics and flavours while Vermentino adding crisp citrus characters. The flavours integrate well together with the crisp acidity that lifts the fruit characters.


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