Black Tomato

Black Tomato Gin 50cl

SKU: SP031


500ml · 42.3%ABV


Ready for a new Gin Experience?

The distillery’s coastal location has inspired the overall gin, which features the namesake tomatoes, alongside juniper berries, fresh and purified salt water and one secret botanical.

Meijers and Sandee grow the tomatoes for Black Tomato Gin in the southernmost part of Sicily, Italy. According to the duo, the groundwater there is much saltier than in Holland and, when combined with the climate, produces extremely flavoursome fruits.

To make the gin, the tomatoes are plucked from the bushes and smashed with neutral spirit. The liquid is then filtered and distilled in a copper pot. Juniper and the secret botanical are also processed as separate distillates, and the three spirits are combined before the purified salt water is added.

This concentrate is stretched with grain alcohol, then cut down to 42.3% ABV with purified water. 

The dark pigments are called anthocyanins, a type of phytonutrient, or plant compound, hailed for its potential disease-fighting benefit.

Produced in batches of around 3000 bottles, it comes charmingly presented in a stumpy matt black bottle. 


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